Brand Story

The Inspiration Behind The Innovation

 The transformational journey of Baseus started in 2011 as a consumer electronic brand existing as a subsidiary of Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology Co. Ltd. To make the consumer electronic world a better place, we focus mainly on integrating state-of-the-art product design and development strategies, along with crisp sales strategies into existing e-commerce marketplaces. We do all of this by deriving all the inspirations from the needs of the user, and not what’s on the trend. In fact, the special name Baseus is derived from the slogan “Base on User”. This has played a major role in helping us build a reputable network of influencers and users.

 The 8-year transition of Baseus has enabled us to go beyond the unexpected and become a top brand in the Chinese consumer electronics industry, with our influence spreading all over the world. We have managed to create a rich work culture, maintained our focus on design and development philosophy and kept up with efforts of strengthening the global economy. With the dynamic nature of technology and business models, we look forward to keeping up with the changes and working towards achieving our mission.


Technical and Quality Strength

Not only has Baseus managed to integrate edge-cut innovation philosophies, but it has also established impeccable technical and quality strength. In 2019, we were able to register a great score of 35 experienced product engineers to ensure our products had the best to offer to our consumers. Integrating a rich and advanced working culture, along with suitable working conditions from our professionals. Baseus has been able to maintain consistency in producing high-quality consumer electronics. We also have the best technologies in the world to make sure that our customers get nothing but the best.

 Our operation has professionally been vetted according to local laws and regulations in all nations of the world. To make sure that everyone in the world would be able to join our community, we conducted localization certification for different countries across the world. This was to make sure that no country missed out on our high-quality products.


Impact on Business and People’s Lives

As a rapidly developing and revolving consumer brand, we are committed to ethical management as a vessel towards keeping up with rapid business transformation and cultural trends. We are also keen on complying with all rules governing employee code of conduct, globally. We have come up with reliable strategies to make sure that we maintain the trust in our community which has almost taken a decade to build.  

 In the beginning, Baseus only focused on mobile accessories. After discovering that the products we offered to our users hardly met their requirements to exist in this digital era, we decided to expand and give the users some options. By trying to meet consumer needs and requirements, we stumbled upon what we call ‘Baseus Era 3.0’, where we started laying the foundation for new product lines. Not only did we open a portal to new product lines, but also crafted a reliable and diversified development model to keep up with the ever-changing business world.

 By making people’s lives better, and providing business with collaboration opportunities, our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Baseus managed to win the ‘Top 20 Chinese Global Brand Builders 2019’ in a spring exhibition in Hong Kong. This award encouraged us to continue exploring the deeper waters of consumer electronics to completely help people solve existing problems.

 Currently, Baseus is lighting living, providing affordable edge-cut entertainment solutions, and providing business solutions to enterprise. This is all in an effort to fulfill our philosophy and goals that act as a pillar to our operation.


Brand flagship Stores

Due to the effective business the development strategies we have implemented over the years, Baseus is growing rapidly. To prepare for the grand awakening of Baseus, which is yet to happen, we are continuously expanding online sales channels, along with offline flagship stores. In 2011, the first Baseus flagship store graced its presence in Guangzhou, China. This opened a new line of flagship stores, both local and in foreign soil.

 As of 2018, Baseus has successfully established a physical and virtual presence in more than 180 countries and regions around the world.  The booming momentum has enabled us to establish 600 physical stores globally, along with 100 flagship stores. Baseus projects that the number of global flagship stores is expected to skyrocket to 400 in the near future.